6x25 Bone Collector 1000 Laser Range Finder Gen2

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The Bone Collector 1000 gives you fast and accurate ranges out to 1000 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy. The display show you line of sight distances as well as ARC (angle range compensation) distances so you know your true distance at high or low shooting angles. Perfect for bow and rifle hunters who just need accurate distances quickly. The Bone Collector 1000 also comes with scan mode for quick ranges (4X a second), all glass optical system for up to 2X brighter image in low light, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand.


  • ACCURATE RANGES OUT TO 1000 YARDS - 1 yard accuracy throughout the entire 1000 yard range.
  • SIMPLE, ONE-BUTTON OPERATION – setup, range, and scan all with a single button.
  • TRUE HORIZONTAL DISTANCE TO TARGET - ARC (Angle Range Compensation) Technology gives the true horizontal distance to target based on the angle to your target with 1 degree angle accuracy.
  • UP TO 2X BRIGHTER IMAGE FOR LOW LIGHT VISIBILITY - A 50% larger objective lens paired with an all-glass optical system bring more light to your eye for a brighter image, adding critical time to your hunt at dusk and dawn. 
  • FAST RANGING WITH SCAN MODE - get ranges up to 4X a second when you hold down the range button providing quick surveying of an area and certainty on a target with obstacles around it.
  • SEE YOUR TARGET AND ENVIRONMENT IN TRUE COLOR – Fully multi-coated optics with ultra-wide-band coatings provide bright, true-to-life colors without a color tint that can make it difficult to see in low light.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES – Battery, Durable carrying case, paracord and lanyard tether. Also fits perfectly in the new Vault™ laser rangefinder pouch.