Bone Collector CSTF Leather Sling

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Bone Collector CSTF Leather Slings

* Please allow up to 2 weeks for custom slings to be finished. They are genuinely hand made every step of the way and great things like this take time.

* Colors may vary a little as no 2 slings are the same. The stains used take differently to each piece of leather creating an authentic, one of a kind look to each product. 

The Bone Collector totally custom leather gun slings are made from our highest quality leather and crafted 100% in the Southern United States. Many years has been dedicated to this craft and we take a lot of pride in our work. Our goal is to create a product that will not just last a lifetime but several lifetimes and be handed down to family members for generations to come. We have so much confidence in the quality or our product we have an unlimited lifetime warranty on all our slings. No two slings are identical, and each are individually made by hand. Our philosophy is simple – we plan to exceed your expectation in every way no matter the cost. We provide multiple shades of stain and each sling contains a thumb hole for secure carry and hold while in the field. Each sling is padded and covered with pig skin. These are a special gift to all family members and will carry a lifetime of memories each time you are in the field hunting. Please give us the opportunity to prove that.

 The Bone Collector Leather Gun Sling is compatible to practically all 1” standard gun sling swivels on the market today.