Bone Collector Insulated Tumbler 2 Pack - 20oz & 30oz

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Whether you are in the field enjoying your passion or sitting at home by the fire enjoying a hot coffee or your favorite iced beverage, there are two things you expect…one is that your drink of choice either stays nice and hot or ice cold for an extended period of time, and the second is you want it to make a statement about who you are. Our high-quality stainless-steel tumblers, with slider lids, do both of those exceptionally well. Hot beverages will remain hot for 5-6 hours, and cold beverages will retain ice and keep your drink icy cold for 10-12 hours. But perhaps of greater importance, your Bone Collector tumbler will make a clear statement about who you are, and that you are a proud part of the “Bone Collector Brotherhood”. In these very unusual times it is more important than ever that we stay true to ourselves and let people know who we really are…a group of brothers and sisters who believe in the values that have made America the greatest country the world has ever known, and makes us true Americans to our core. Thank you for buying our tumblers, and God Bless America.