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    Bone Collector is dropping their very own BuckGro Foliar Formula!

    Buck Gro Foliar Formula (BGF) is the “Ultimate Package” for foliar feeding your up and growing food plot. A successful hunt begins with establishing feeding routines and BGF fertilized food plots keep them coming back for more. BGF is one of the most advanced foliar fertilizers on the Planet packing your food plot with nutrition and flavor. The slow release action in BGF will continually feed the plant over a 4-6 week period assuring you plenty of action during that time.

    Foliar Fertilizer is a dilute fertilizer solutions applied directly to plant leaves. As with soil application of fertilizer, the goal is to supply plants with the nutrients needed for good growth.

    BONE COLLECTOR™ BUCK GROⓇ FOLIAR FORMULA is a top of the line fertilizer product that will continue to provide your soil, plants and animals with the essential minerals to grow healthy and strong.



    • 5 Gallon Case Includes: (2) 2.5 gallon jugs
    • 32 oz. Concentrate: (1) 32 oz. jug **COMING SOON**
    • 24 oz Ready To Use Spray| 2 Pack: (2) 24 oz. Spray bottles



    Active Ingredients:

    Foliar Formula

    Guaranteed Analysis: 14-0-0.

    Total Nitrogen 14.00%

    Derived from urea, kelp extract, carbon, humic acids, sea minerals.



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