Dead Ringer The Wheel Bow Sight

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Selecting a sight tape

1. Sight in the Bottom Pin for 30 yards Both windage and elevation and make a mark in line with the yardage pointer.
2. Using the Dial on the side of the sight to sight in your bottom pin at 60 yards and make another reference mark.
3. Take the provided sight tapes and line up the 60 and 30 reference marks with 60 and 30 on the sight tape. The tape that matches the gap of your reference marks in the one you will install one the sight.
4. Take the sight tape you have determined to be the right tape for your bow and install so that the pointer is lined up with the 60-yard mark you have made and the 60-yard mark on the sight tape.
5. Adjust the pointer so that it lines up with the 50-yard mark and then go ahead and sight in your top 3 pins for 40,30 and 20 yards by loosening the Allen head screws on the base of the pin and moving the pin in the sight track.