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Nothing can attract deer better than the sound of two bucks fighting. The Bag-O-Bones replicates the sound of tines clashing in combat. The user can increase the volume by adding additional tines (sold separately) or reduce the sound by removing them. Encased in a non-slip rubber carrying case, quickly transition from sparring bucks to dominance fighting bucks. The Bag-O-Bones is a must have for deer hunters.

To Use:

  • Sparring: Lightly roll the bag in your hands to mimic ‘tickling’ of the horns for a few seconds. Pause for a moment, then repeat, 2-3 times.
  • Dominance Fight: Start with a “Crashing” sound by aggressively rolling between both hands. Then roll the bag in your hands just as you do when creating the sparring sounds, but roll longer than you would while creating the sparring sounds – 10-20- seconds.