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The Bone Collector Game Calls Fans Up Pot Call is a game-changer for turkey hunters. Its innovative tapered walnut pot design enhances its acoustic properties, and the glass over glass surface delivers a range of realistic turkey sounds. This call comes with a 2-piece diamondwood striker, allowing for loud and raspy calls that grab the attention of toms. Whether you need realistic purrs, cutts, clucks, or great 2-note yelps, this call has you covered. Upgrade your turkey hunting gear with the Fans Up Pot Call and bring those gobblers within range.

  • New Tapered walnut pot design
  • Glass over glass
  • 2- piece diamondwood striker
  • Made for loud and raspy
  • Realistic purrs, cutts, and clucks
  • Great 2- note yelps
  • Made in USA