The Challenger

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The Challenger is a favorite of the Bone Collector Team, and is the ultimate grunt and snort wheeze combination call. When the “heat” is on, there is no better call to challenge bucks in the area. The Challenger was designed to mimic the vocalizations bucks use in the rut to alert does or caution other bucks to their presence. Topped with a snort wheeze call, for a 2-in-1 call, creating the ultimate call for calling nearby bucks. Featuring a simplistic, yet innovative reed system that creates the perfect back pressure for a deeper sound and more volume with less air. The Challenger will have no problem rising to the top of your grunt call favorites. 


To Use:

  • Blow air in to the reed and end of the call. Adjust the amount of air to adjust volume.
  • The pliable rubber tube makes it easy to manipulate sound. Simply squeeze the end of the tube to quickly and easily manipulate the sound.
  • To create the snort wheeze, position your lips over the small end of the snort wheeze portion of the call and blow with a “to-to-tooooooo” cadence.