Turkey Talkin Mouth Call 3-Pack

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The Bone Collector Game Calls Turkey Talking Mouth Call 3-Pack is a versatile set that includes three expertly designed mouth calls: Turkey Track, The Cutt Up, and Ol' Split Tongue. These calls are proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and performance. This 3-pack provides you with a range of options to effectively communicate with turkeys in various hunting scenarios.

Turkey Track Mouth Call

  • Turkey foot cut
  • Easy to obtain rasp with light air
  • Medium range calling and soft finishing
  • Made in USA

The Cutt Up Mouth Call

  • Modified cutter
  • Requires medium air
  • Great for super loud calling
  • Made in USA

Ol' Split Tongue Mouth Call

  • Split tongue bat wing cut
  • User friendly beginner call
  • Perfect for high raspy pitches, and soft purrs and clucks.
  • Made in USA