Waddy’s Favorites- 2 Pack Mouth calls

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Includes GA Peach and Ridge Beater 

  • GA Peach: All around most popular mouth call, and it just so happens to be Michael's Favorite call. You can replicate cuts, yelps, clucks and purrs with life-like precision. It can do it all making you fluent in all of the turkey dialects.  Easy to use, great for both beginner and advanced callers, speak as sweetly as a Georgia Peach to even the most stubborn bird.
  • Ridge Beater: Taking it back to Michael's competition days, with the Ridge Beater mouth call. A more advanced call that requires a little more actuation of the jaw.  This mouth call can produce the soft, sweet sounds to make a bird close that last gap or it can hit the loud, raspy cutting and yelping to excite a big gobbler in the morning.