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Become one step closer to your next turkey feast with Ol’ Waddy’s Feast Premium Kit. The Ol’ Waddy’s Feast includes Bone Collector Game Calls top call in every category all bundled into a savings for you. Walk away with a pot, box, locator, and mouth calls all in one purchase.

Sweet April Pot Call

We never know what the weather will do in the spring while chasing gobblers!  For those less than ideal conditions, we need a call that can function in the wet weather.  The Sweet April offers a glass surface that will deliver your raspy calls in the wettest conditions.  This “go anywhere” call will consistently perform in the worst conditions, delivering the calls you need to finish the job!  

Death Valley Box Call

This Mahogany and purple heart box call lives up to its name as, Death Valley. Producing high pitched and loud yelps and clucks, this call is designed to cut through hills and hollers to reach that stubborn longbeard. Ergonomic grooves make this box call fit comfortably in your hand helping produce consistent sounds.

Ol’ Razzy Owl Locator Call

Designed by the nation’s leading expert in owl calls, Grand National Turkey Calling Champion Mark Prudhomme, this call will get the gobblers talking in the morning!  This loud call will elicit a shock gobble from even the wariest of toms.  When you need to pinpoint a gobbler, reach for Ol’ Razzy to get him fired up.  

Classic Swagger Crow Locator Call

The Classic Swagger will pull in a flock of crows just as easy as it will pull a gobble from an old longbeard.  Each Classic Swagger is hand tuned in an effort to replicate the most realistic crow calls and the enhanced sound chamber is built to deliver long range calling capability to shock those distant toms into giving away their position.

Georgia Peach Mouth Call

A call as sweet as a Georgia peach! Perhaps the best all-around call Bone Collector produces, you can replicate cuts, yelps, clucks and purrs with life-like precision. It can do it all making you fluent in all of the turkey dialects.  

Ridge Strutter Mouth Call

The double reed Ridge Strutter is an extremely versatile mouth call.  The double reed design requires less air to manipulate the calls which is perfect for those from entry level to advanced callers.  Able to mimic the full myriad of turkey calls, this call is excellent for all users and all situations.

C3.5R Mouth Call

The C3.5R is a three and half reed combo cut mouth call that can produce raspy yelps, cuts and cackles, while still able to mimic soothing purrs.  This call is easy to use and it sure to entice even the wariest gobblers.