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We know hunting is no cheap lifestyle, but we want all hunters to be successful from beginners to seasoned ones. The Waddy’s Buffet Starter Kit is specifically bundle together to put every type of call in your pocket at a price that’s affordable. Including a pot, box, two locators, and two mouth calls the Waddy’s Buffet Starter Kit is great for all types of hunters no matter the experience.

Lights Outs Pot Call

Designed for the beginner to the expert, a hand-tuned Styrene tone board produces the most realistic calls possible. This slate call makes exceptional cuts, clucks, yelps and purrs. From the soft purr to keep the turkey calm as they come in close, to loud yelps to close the distance on a windy day, Lights Out does just that, turns the lights out on any tom. 

Cadiz Hen Box Call

The Cadiz Hen is the perfect box call to fit in your vest pocket on your next trip into the woods for turkey. Compact in size, but produces a big sound!  Each Cadiz Hen is hand tuned for exceptional call consistency. The call is made from quarter sawn hardwood and poplar wood, which help produce soft purrs and big yelps.

The Revealer Owl Locator Call

The Revealer is a weather resistant owl hooter that is the perfect tool to keep in your turkey calling arsenal.  Simple to use, compact and lightweight, The Revealer is sure to extract a reactionary gobble that will give up a tom’s position.  

The Detector Crow Locator Call

Whether you are calling in crows or trying to locate a wary gobbler, The Detector will get the job done for you.  Weather resistant and built to withstand the harshest conditions, The Detector is able to produce the raspy crow caws that gobblers can’t resist!    

Waddy’s Favorite Mouth Calls

  • GA Peach: All around most popular mouth call, and it just so happens to be Michael's Favorite call. You can replicate cuts, yelps, clucks and purrs with life-like precision. It can do it all making you fluent in all of the turkey dialects.  Easy to use, great for both beginner and advanced callers, speak as sweetly as a Georgia Peach to even the most stubborn bird.
  • Ridge Beater: Taking it back to Michael's competition days, with the Ridge Beater mouth call. A more advanced call that requires a little more actuation of the jaw.  This mouth call can produce the soft, sweet sounds to make a bird close that last gap or it can hit the loud, raspy cutting and yelping to excite a big gobbler in the morning.