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Every little hunter deserves to have their own calls in their pocket to practice and actually learn to get a tom going in the morning. The Lil’ Waddy Kit provides our Poplar Girl Pot Call, the smallest pot call that fits into the littles of hands, but comfortably in the largest. The Lil’ Lady push pull is every turkey hunter’s entry into the call world, and it certainly doesn’t leave out a crow call, the Detector.

Poplar Girl Pot Call

The Poplar Girl compact size, makes it ideal for the hunter trying to fit more into a tight space. Don’t let its small size turn you away, tiny, but loud, made with a poplar pot and a Pennsylvania slate surface, this call does it all. Paired with the Bone Collector Game Calls Hickory Striker, this call does it all- cuts, yelps, and purrs.

Lil’ Lady Push/Pull

Designed to be able to be utilized with one hand, the Lil’ Lady makes all of the calls necessary to induce a wary tom into range.  From cuts, clucks, yelps and fighting purrs, this call can do it all! This push/pull call can make the quietest purrs or loud yelps to cut through windy days.  Every turkey hunter should have this call in their arsenal!    

The Detector Crow Locator Call

Whether you are calling in crows or trying to locate a wary gobbler, The Detector will get the job done for you.  Weather resistant and built to withstand the harshest conditions, The Detector is able to produce the raspy crow caws that gobblers can’t resist!